Working offline

While Novelitist allows you to work offline occasionally, such as when you're on a plane or have otherwise temporarily lost internet connectivity, it is not a classic desktop application, so it works optimally while connected to the internet. There are certain caveats and limitations to working offline, which should be seen as a temporary activity.

Working offline limitations

There are certain limitations and caveats to working offline, please be aware of them to safeguard your work.

You are unable to sign-in offline

You can only sign-in while online. This means that if you sign-out while offline, you will not be able to sign-in again until you go back online. If you are not signed in, you cannot write.

Some books are not available offline

The books you have not recently open will not be available offline. To make a book available offline, simply open it while online.

Snapshots are not available offline

You cannot load or save section snapshots while offline. Your file backups performed while offline will not include your snapshots.

Images are not available offline

Most images and other graphics in your content are not available while offline and will appear as missing.

Export to Word (.docx) and PDF is not available offline

Exporting your book as a Word (.docx) or PDF file is only available online, because it cannot be done in the browser, on your device. We have to convert your books on our servers, which means you must be online.

Some themes are not available offline

Themes that you haven't used before while online will not be available offline.

User profile offline limitations

Most user profile settings will not work offline.

Other limitations

There may be some limitations that are unforeseen at this time. The only offline activities guaranteed to work well are writing and backing your book up on your computer. Any other complex operation should be deferred until you are back online.

Working offline checklist

Please go through the following checklist if you plan (or estimate that you will be forced) to work offline:

  • Sign-in while online

  • Do not sign-out while offline

  • Open the book you plan to work on while still online

  • Backup the book as a file of your computer before going offline

  • Do not clear your browser's data while offline

  • Go back online as soon as possible to sync your changes