Install Novelitist on your (mobile) devices

Although it runs in any modern browser, Novelitist can also be installed as a standalone application on your devices (computers and phones), for your greater convenience. This makes for an experience closer to a normal, native application on your device, and has several advantages, chief among which is more screen space, especially on mobiles (no more browser bar and controls to take up space).

Let’s see how you can install Novelitist on several popular devices, from the browser.

Please note that only modern devices, operating systems, and browsers support this mode. If yours don’t, no problem, just keep using Novelitist in your browser, where it’s at home!

Read the following chapters for instructions specific to each device and platform.

Fun fact

This series of articles about installing Novelitist as a standalone app was written on four devices (a Windows PC, a Mac, an Android phone, and an iPhone) synchronized seamlessly. The guide corresponding to each device type was written on that device itself.

Such is the power of a Novelitist writer.🧙‍♂