Visual themes

Having the option to switch between multiple themes may seem extraneous to some, but they ignore the fact that fiction writers are, in fact, artists, and artists are notorious for their choice and use of tools, to match their personalities and moods and peculiarities.

Writing certainly is craft first and foremost, there's no denying it. But independent off that, there is this ineffable something, that je ne sais quoi, that elusive quality that some call "the gift," that one percent inspiration in addition to the ninety-nine percent perspiration that sees your work through until it becomes something truly great.

We'd argue that this sector of a writer's mind can be stimulated by such things as visuals and sounds, as they permeate awareness, evoke memories, encourage different connections and "Eureka!" moments. During the days when going outdoors is not an option, the screen you stare at while writing might just ease the burden by at least trying to be colorful and varied, less clinical than an office application. Or be as clinical and dry as possible — your choice.

That's why having only one or two options for how the screen in front of you is decorated visually is not enough. Novelitist provides multiple themes, so that each writer can find a suitable few. Among them, surely there is at least one light theme to use during the day, and one dark theme to use at night, for any writer out there.

Let's watch a cycle-through all the currently available themes.


NOTE: The writing ambient will play an even greater role in the future. We want you to write as if you were there, in the book, telling it (ahem, or rather showing it), as it unfolds.