Rich-text editing

Typewriters made things pretty simple by being forbidding machines that pretty much allowed a writer's thoughts to unfold on paper as letter signs stamped with a loud clack in a matter-of-fact and decidedly irreversible manner.

You had no bold, no italics, no deleting. You could do a few tricks for emphasis, but nothing fancy. When they weren't written by hand, the world's masterpieces were written like that. Yes, the horror.

Enter computers, and we really get spoiled for choice.

We shout in bold, we insinuate in italics, we resize and colorize and decorate and try to make words more visual, sometimes forgetting we're supposed to treat them as vehicles for ideas, not pictures on paper. We convey emotion not only by choosing and arranging words, which is ultimately what the craft is about but by giving these letter signs special meaning by means of a standout appearance.

And when even that's not enough, guess what? These: 😎💗🐒

To top it all up, sometimes one image is worth a thousand words, and it's for you to decide if you want to replace them with pretty pixels.
273,280 pixels worth a thousand words.


Yet at other times, one really itches for the clarity of the tabular format:




Pen & Paper

  • Use anywhere

  • Fast free-style handwriting

  • Dirt-cheap (if you use the basic stuff)

  • Perishable

  • Often illegible

  • Unpublishable as-is

  • Not secure

  • Can be expensive (Moleskine, anyone?)


  • Anyone can read your handwriting now

  • Hipster creed

  • Perishable output

  • Tedious to work with, and noisy

  • Needs maintenance

  • Editing is a pain

Novelitist 🏆

  • Use anywhere, solid multiple backups — never lose your work

  • Comprehensive and fast

  • State-of-the-art rich text editing experience

  • Publish in many formats (EPUB, HTML, or text)

  • Secure and private

  • Consistenly affordable

  • Pulitzer prize not included

Or maybe one feels at times that the point must be driven home on the subject of the '80s being the pinnacle of human civilization with nothing less than audio-video material:



When all is said and done, and just remains to be written, some tell it with the simplest visuals that speak by virtue of their very existence in a certain formation, while others insist on adding more by means of enhanced graphics.

Some writings are meant for the uniform, bland, visual landscape of a book page, while others are destined for the colorful carnival of the web. Some are fiction, some are dry, cold, non-fiction, perhaps even science writings.

Regardless, Novelitist puts the necessary tools right in your competent hands. What you choose to do with them is your business only.

A final note: In a "proof is in the pudding" twist,  know that the rich-media page before you has been edited using Novelitist itself.