Best practices

To ensure a smooth and painless experience with writing and publishing your books, please try to abide by the following best practices:

Backup your books often

Get into the habit of backing up your books on your computer as a matter of routine. This ensures that no matter what happens to Novelitist and your relationship with it, you have your work about yourself at all times. Backup often.

Don't hold back on sections

Create as many sections as you need, to stay organized. Furthermore, very large bodies of text don't work very well in browser-based rich text editors. Split long text into multiple sections to boost performance when editing.

Don't stay offline too long

As a modern web application, Novelitist is offline-resilient, but not offline-first. Don't take your laptop to the woods for a month offline. The best strategy there is to disconnect completely if you're after a digital-free diet, and go full analog: use pen and paper. Save that, use an offline, desktop app editor. Copy your work into Novelitist when you're back in civilization.