Managing Sections

Sections are the basic building blocks of your book. You can call them parts, chapters, subchapters, etc., if you want, but that's just one, certainly valid, way of looking at them. You will create, edit, and delete sections as a routine activity.

Let's take a look at how to create, and eventually, get rid of a section. The example uses a Text section, but it's the same for any section type.



Deleting sections is hard

It's worth noting how hard it is to accidentally delete your work, with Novelitist. Before a section is gone for good, it must be first trashed (or binned if you live East of the Atlantic), where it stays until you either restore it or delete it. If you recover it, that's the end of that story.

If you delete a trashed section, it's still not gone, but instead goes into a sort of limbo, where it stays until it is purged. While in limbo, it can be recovered, and then restored, as if nothing happened, and you can move on happily.

Only when you purge a deleted section will it finally go away for good. Note that purges occur automatically as well, on a time-based logic: Deleted sections that are left in limbo for more than seven days will be automatically purged the next time you open the book.

In summary, we make it difficult for you to delete your work accidentally. You must trash (bin), delete, and purge anything to have it gone for good. With this system, it's nearly impossible to ever delete something accidentally.


Moving sections is easy

Moving a section around is as simple as dragging and dropping it where you want it. Alternatively, you can use the Move To dialog box, accessible from the book explorer right-click menu.