Distraction-free mode

Aka "Do not disturb" mode, this puts you right in the middle of that minimalist environment coveted by many. There will be nothing else on your screen, except the page you need to fill. We say "screen" because in this mode Novelitist also goes full-screen, effectively turning your monitor into the theater of your written thoughts. 

Going in and out of the Distraction-free Mode is just one click or keypress away. With that, you can switch between the fully-featured environment and the bare minimum that allows you to write.

To enter Distraction-free Mode: press F11 on Windows or ⌃⌘ + F on a Mac.

To exit Distraction-free Mode, press F11 or Esc on Windows, or ⌃⌘ + F on a Mac.

Here's how it works.


Note that your chosen visual theme and your editor settings fully apply to the Distraction-free Mode as well, thus keeping your writing environment consistent.