This user guide is a bit lacking in truisms, so here's one: Novelitist is not perfect. That means even the grand design that is Novelitist does have some limitations, all stemming from today’s technogy constraints.

Under normal circumstances, and with normal usage, you won't ever hit these limits, or if you do, they can be circumvented in other ways. That being said, here they are:

Section size limit

Any section must be under 1 MB in size. Before you get worried about that, know that the text version of Tolstoy's War and Peace novel in its over a thousand-page entirety is about 3MB in size, so you need to write about one third of War and Peace into a single section before you reach this limit.

The workaround is obvious: Split your work into multiple sections. It's good practice, and in the published book the sections are stitched together seamlessly anyway.

Image size limits

Uploaded images must be under 5 MB in size. However, although that should be enough for most purposes, we do acknowledge that some people may need larger images, so this limit is under consideration.

Backups do not include images

Your images used in a book are not downloaded as part of a book backup, you need to re-upload them if they were deleted along with the book.

Working offline limitations

Please see the Working Offline section for details.