Exporting PDF

Adobe© PDF is the most widespread portable document format, for stable documents (that won’t be edited further, or undergo minimal editing).

PDF is a format optimized for print, so it usually translates quite poorly to screens, especially to small ones, like e-book readers, tablets, smartphones. You may have noticed that when attempting to read most PDFs on your Kindle. That’s why exporting to PDF as the final target format for your e-book is not a good idea.

That said, there are certainly cases where you actually want a PDF file (e.g., for a small, printable, leaflet kind of e-book, etc.).

Novelitist supports PDF export, as an online-only feature (you can’t export to PDF while offline).

To export as a PDF file, simply select the respective exporter, and download the file. For some books, the export process may take a while, please be mindful of that and be patient.

There is no browser preview available for PDF files. You must download them to actually see their content.

Note: The PDF export is not available offline.

Privacy note: We convert to PDF on our servers, where the book is sent without the additional layer of encryption (see our absolute privacy feature), so that we can convert it. We do not store the unencrypted book data sent for conversion. It exists on our servers briefly, until we convert it, then it’s discarded.