Writing is personal

Your writing tools should be, too.

Write plain-text books, or rich content

You can write just plain text, like on a virtual typewriter. When you need to create richer visual content, like a children's book or a web page, you absolutely can, too.

Export your books as EPUB, HTML, Word, etc.

Preview and export your books at any stage of their completion, in popular formats: EPUB, HTML (even as a micro-site), Word (.docx), PDF or plain text.

Fully customize your rich text editor

Toggle paragraph style, zoom and widen the editor, until it matches your needs exactly. In combination with visual theming and the Distraction-free Mode, you can really tailor the writing experience that's perfect for yourself.

Keep track of your characters and places

Don't waste time tracking what your characters are up to across a 70,000+ words landscape. Easily follow your story elements, without breaking your writing flow. Pinpoint every appearance of a character or place anywhere in your book.

Check your spelling

Check for spelling mistakes in real-time, with our in-house multilingual spell checker — no third-party tools or browser extensions required.

Write on any device

Write your books on your laptop or desktop computer, on a phone or a tablet. Wherever you find yourself, no bouts of inspiration shall go to waste just because you're not at your desk.

Go distraction-free

Also known as the "Focus Mode" or "Do Not Disturb Mode", the Distraction-free Mode disposes with all the temptations on your screen, giving your creative brain the quiet space it needs to focus on the single-minded task of writing. Going in and out of it is a breeze: It's one click or keypress away.

Work offline

Keep writing even when you're temporarily disconnected from the internet. Write anywhere, on your commute or long-haul flight, get back in sync once you return online.

Enjoy absolute privacy with on-device encryption

Encrypt your books on your device, with a password that never leaves it and isn't stored anywhere else. No one in the world can read your encrypted books, not even our authorized staff, until you're ready to publish. Read more about absolute privacy, an advanced feature you won't find elsewhere.

Use 10+ visual themes

Instead of the hard limitation to "day mode" and "night mode" themes, you get full visual theming, to suit your preference or mood regardless of the circadian cycle.

Paste anything

You can paste your existing work from Word, LibreOffice, etc., and reorganize it to your needs in a more advanced and flexible way, optimized for creative writing.

Never delete anything by mistake

There are many layers of protection against accidental deletion of any of your work. It's impossible to delete anything without clear, deliberate action. Even then, there are ample opportunities to recover deleted material. Tragically deleted manuscripts are no longer an excuse.

Organize your work with templates

Organize your work just the way you like, using predefined templates that are fully flexible. You can also just start from scratch, and build up to more complex organization.

Take snapshots of your work

Quickly and conveniently save snapshots of your work, at paragraph level if you want. Restore your work from a snapshot at any time.

Navigate & preview your work sensibly

Navigate, preview and inspect your work in ways that make sense, wherever you are inside your book project.

Search within your books

Find anything within your books, with simple and effective search and filtering features.

Set writing goals

Set word count and readability targets and write until you reach them. Always know where you stand on the journey to completion.

Track your work

Set deadlines and stick to them. Track your words-per-hour (or day, week , month, even year) and the time you spend writing. Know at each stage what your progress is and where you need to push harder, using comprehensive and easy-to-understand writer statistics that you won't get anywhere else.

Store your work safely in the cloud

Your work is stored safely in the cloud. This means the highest degree of persistence and availability (99.99% uptime guarantee), wherever you are in the world, as long as you have internet access.

Forget saving

Your work is saved continually in the background as you create it. You can focus on writing, not saving.

Backup your books

We backup your work in the cloud, in real-time, and also in your browser. You can backup your work as portable standalone files on your computer, which you can safekeep anywhere you like (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.). Losing your work is all but impossible.

Request features!

Requesting features is a feature. Use the robust in-app feedback controls to request features, report bugs, and rate us, at any time. This way you directly participate in shaping our common future. We want to build the app you'd want to use!