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Why choose Novelitist

What am I getting, exactly?

In a nutshell, you're getting a seamless book writing experience, designed to keep you writing until you're done:

  • Advanced manuscript organizing capabilities
  • A bespoke editor geared towards writers of books, not mere documents
  • Built-in spell checking
  • Absolute privacy with on-device encryption
  • Comprehensive backups to prevent losing your work
  • The ability to publish your book in many formats
  • The comfort of writing anywhere, on anything, even offline
  • A say in our shared future
  • ... and more

Why request my credit card for a free trial?

We request that you provide credit card information at checkout even for the free trial as a means to select people who are actually serious about writing to the degree that they put their skin in the game.

We aim to build a select community of writers, all dead serious about writing, to whom we can cater fully, instead of wasting time and resources on malicious or casual visitors.

We choose to direct all our efforts towards our valued patrons, really listen to them, and strive to meet their needs on an ongoing basis, instead of fighting spam.

What does the free trial include?


What happens to my free trial data?

Should you decide that Novelitist is not a good fit for you, simply export and download your work before the trial ends. If you forgot to, we'll assist unconditionally.

What if I change my mind?

That may happen, and it's not a problem at all. You may cancel your subscription at any time and receive a refund, no questions asked. If you don't find Novelitist useful, we won't take your hard-earned money.

Any gotchas I need to be aware of?


We're in the business of building useful tools for serious writers, and getting compensated for that—nothing more, nothing less.

Privacy is paramount here, so there's none of that advertising and selling user data monkey-business. There's no lock-in, either, you can fully delete your entire account and data by yourself—really delete it, not just put it on pause.

Where can I find out more?

We're elated that you're looking for more information about Novelitist.

To find out more, head over to our main page, read our User Guide, or download the User Guide e-book to read at your leisure.

Don't hesitate to get in touch via email at support@novelitist.com or on social media (Facebook, Twitter). Check out our YouTube channel for bite-sized tutorials and how-tos.

Looking forward to welcoming you aboard!

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