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If you've writen and self-published many e-books, you probably know what a joyless, daunting taks it is to manage them. It's a pain we share.

Besides having to keep track of all your manuscripts, you need to keep going back and forth between format conversion tools, backup solutions, book versions and updates, and so on.

Let's make your life a little easier

You've probably already seen what we offer all writers, so let's see how that translates to your needs, as someone who writes and publishes for a living.

Let's look at some of these issues and how we try to solve them for you.

1. Managing your manuscripts can be a chore

Managing a large, sparse collection of manuscripts scattered across folders on one device, like your home computer, is no way to live.

Solution Keep all your manuscripts in one place, available in our cloud from anywhere in the world, day and night, on any device, in sync. Simply open one in the app and start writing.

2. Safeguarding your manuscripts is trickier than you think

Backing up one's work is like exercise: Everyone knows it should be done regularly, lest there'll be dire consequences, yet few actually do it.

Solution We employ a triple backup strategy: Back up your manuscripts locally, with unlimited manuscript file downloads and unlimited in-browser backups, on all of your devices. In addition, you can back up in our cloud. Downloading your manuscript, saving an in-browser backup, and one cloud backup is literally a one-click affair—you'll find this magic button in the app:

3. Being stuck to one device

Writing exclusively on your home computer or laptop is fine, until it's not—when you're away from your desk, and you need to write or re-export your book.

Solution Our app works on any device. Granted, a larger screen provides the optimal experience, but you get all the essentials on your phone. You can write an entire book and export it, entirely on your phone. Simply doing some manuscript edits and re-exporting on your mobile device while away from your desk is nothing by comparison.

4. Reliance on a slew of third-party tools

You use an editor, probably Microsoft Word or similar. That editor, although it does the job, is likely not optimized for books, but documents. Then you need to convert your creation into a publishable e-book format.

You export your work from your editor, then load it into some other tool, maybe convert it to HTML or PDF first, then to EPUB. And then, if you forgot something along the way, start over.

That toolchain is likely deployed on one device only, like your laptop, so that's the only place you can go through this entire madness.

Solution Have your editor (optimized for writing books), and your book conversion tools all in one place: the Novelitist app. Now writing and exporting your books is a seamless, single flow, that you can navigate painlessly: Spotted a mistake in the finished product? Just fix it and export again. Done. Do it on any device you happen to be working on at that time, including your phone. No additional apps required.

5. Paying the price of "free"

Most of the tools you use are probably free, and independent from each other, without any integration. This means you pay the price of having to deal with all that friction between them, and integrate them manually into your workflow.

In some cases, you may even have to pay for some of these services, from the editor to the text analysis services to the back-up solution to the book format converter.

Have you ever wondered where your text goes and who reads it when you dump it into a "free" online editor, or text analyzer, or converter that doesn't even require you to sign in? Best not to think about it.

Solution Novelitist integrates everything you need to write and publish your e-books, all accessible from anywhere, on any device:

  • A state of-the-art editor optimized for writing books, not documents
  • In-house spell-checking
  • Text metrics, readability analysis, writing statistics
  • Manuscript and book management
  • Back-up logistics
  • Export to publishable e-book formats
  • Total privacy and a completely ad-free experience

When you tally it all up, you may find that you're spending much more than a Novelitist subscription, and that's just the quantifiable part. Besides money, there's a far more important expense: The cost you pay in peace of mind, time, comfort, productivity and, ultimately, well-being.

In the name of all that, join us in our journey to build the ultimate writer's app, the one you'd love to use.

Improve your writing life.

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