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To see how you fare towards book completion, you must set a book word count goal. You can't expect to finish your book, if you don't know what finishing means.

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Why set a deadline?

"Writing on a deadline—preposterous! I'm an artist!" That's exactly what a professional writer wouldn't say. Pros know that writing is a game of numbers. Words, pages, deadlines. That's how you actually finish your book. It's tempting to go with the "artist" excuse, and never finish anything. After all, without a ballpark word count goal and a deadline, you have no definition for "finished."

When there's no definition of "done," procrastination reigns supreme, puctuated with episodes of anxiety when looking at the hard, cold numbers, whenever you suffer a bout of conscientiousness.

To write a novel, you need to set yourself a deadline. Sure, deadlines are meant to be broken, but you at least have something to measure yourself against. You'll at least know where you stand, what you need to do, and you'll hopefully let go of your illusions.

There are plenty of book deadline calculators all over the internet, but none tailor-made for writers to such a degree as the one in Novelitist. Deadline monitoring is part of the advanced writing statistics gathered automatically as you type, that you can track in real-time.

The report you see above is exactly what you get with Novelitist as you write your book, except you don't need to input your words-per-day count—the app calculates your pace seamlessly (and unforgivingly) as you write. You'll know the real score at all times, no more illusions and excuses.

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